Zena Agha was a Margins Fellow at the Asian American Writers Workshop from 208-2019. Her poems have been published in El Pais, Skin Deep magazine, Muftah magazine, The Margins and in an anthology published by Harvard’s office of sustainability entitled ‘weathering change’. 

Final Reading at the Asian American Writers Workshop – New York 2019.

Performance at the Old South Meeting House – Boston, April 2018. Recorded in Collaboration with WGBH Forum Network.

Borderland’ – Boston, November 2016. Part of ‘Funoon’ – a night of Arab culture at the 2016 Harvard Arab Weekend. (2:38 to 7:28)

The Sea is Big– Boston, November 2015. Filmed in collaboration with PRI’s The World. Translated into Spanish for El País – part of the Refugio del Sonido project.





4 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I love love love 26 kilometers! It made me feel things and stir up a sense of nostalgia and longing , even though I’m not Palestinian. Kudos on your work and keep spouting beautiful verses!

  2. Wow, powerful and courageous. Faults can be found in believers of all religions, that does not question the religion itself but only the so called believers. No matter which religion or not-religion we count us to, as a law of nature or physics we will create what we belief, say and do – be it hell or heaven. The choice is ours and it is now and it’s result is also now. Forget about heaven or paradise, we have got to create a better environment and world now and here. And that is simply by treating each other as we would like to be treated ourselves and that obviously includes ladies and members of all religions and not-religions. Humans are at peace with each other, it’s the media, governments and hypocritical organizations misusing the name of religions which try to create war between brothers for their own power. It is our choice to enter the spiral of hate and violence or join our all hands with love. Carlo for http://Www.onefreelove.com

  3. Your poems are so fabulous. I got a chance to listen to them on Palestinians Podcast. Keep up the great work, and continue writing your poems.

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